Venture Talk with Frank Kensy and Pelin Yilmaz

Venture Talk with Frank Kensy and Pelin Yilmaz


10. November 2021    
17:00 - 19:00

If you are curious about creating impact out of research or want to know what it’s like to start a company, Venture Talks is for you.
Special Guest:
Frank Kensy (Co-Founder of m2p-labs & b.fab GmbH) and Pelin Yilmaz (Investmentmanger at b.value AG). 

At Venture Talks, scientists who turned entrepreneurs share their unique stories. Why did they start a company? What are the challenges and how did they overcome them? What are some of the secrets to success? These questions will be answered, when we bring founders to your university.

Grab a ticket for Venture Talk on Nov 10th in Dortmund and listen to the stories of Frank Kensy and Pelin Yilmaz. You can register here to enter this event.